Экспорт из Швейцарии упал в декабре

 Объемы экспорта в денежном  выражении снизились в декабре на 1.6% сообщает Federal Customs Office.Экспорт в Еврозону упал на 4.2%.За весь 2011 год экспорт вырос только на 2% против роста на 7% в 2010 году.

   ZURICH, Feb 2 (Reuters) — Exports from Switzerland fell in December, data showed on Thursday, hurt by slack foreign demand due to turmoil in the neighbouring euro zone and an unfavourable exchange rate. 
   The Alpine state's exports rose only 2 percent last year, the report also showed, down from 7 percent in 2010 as companies cut prices to take account of the strong franc in a bid to preserve volumes.   
     Swiss exports fell by a real 1.6 percent in December to 15.630 billion Swiss francs, the Federal Customs Office said on Thursday. 
  Exports to the European Union, Switzerland's biggest trading partner, dropped 4.2 percent, as the debt crisis curbed demand. 
   «Over the next few months, the strong Swiss franc will continue to weigh on export growth. As for demand from abroad, it will depend on what happens in the euro zone,» said Credit Suisse economist Maxime Botteron. 
   Trade with Germany accounted for half the growth in exports last year, and shipments to Asia rose by 10 percent.  
   Although the watch industry — whose luxury timepieces are beloved in China and Hong Kong — was the star performer among sectors in 2011, the chemical industry suffered a decline, as did precision instruments.  

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