Банк Японии рассматривает возможность увеличить объем программ количественного смягчения

Об этом сообщают источники в Токио близкие к руководству Банка Японии.Предполагается.что будет объявлено о расширении программ по выкупу активов.

  TOKYO, April 11 (Reuters) — The Bank of Japan will consider easing monetary policy at its next rate review on April 27, most likely through an increase in its asset-buying programme, sources familiar with the central bank's thinking said. 
   The most likely option would be to top up the BOJ's 65 trillion yen ($803 billion) asset buying and loan programme by 5 trillion or 10 trillion yen, with the increase used for purchases of government bonds, one of the sources said. 
   The central bank will issue a twice-yearly outlook report on April 27 that will include revised long-term economic and price forecasts for up to the year ending in March 2014. 
   The report will likely stick to the BOJ's current view that Japan's economy will soon achieve a moderate recovery, as domestic spending for reconstruction from last year's earthquake gathers pace and exports pick up on receding fears that Europe's sovereign debt crisis will hit global growth. 
   But the new price projections will likely show that consumer inflation will remain well below its 1 percent target set in February. The key on whether to pull the trigger on stimulus will be at what pace Japanese consumer inflation is expected to pick up on its way to that goal, the sources said. 
   The BOJ will make a final decision by examining market moves until April 27 and analysing whether the economic recovery will be solid enough to translate into sustained rises in consumer prices in the long run, they said.  

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