Слухи о возможном уходе из фонда PIMCO главного управляющего Билла Гросса по всей вероятности подтверждаются, поскольу уже появилось официальное сообщение от представителей инвесткомпании " Janus Capital" о том, что начиная с 29 сентября Билл Гросс будет нанят на работу управляющим фондами этой компании, и официально вступит в должность уже в начале октября. 

Janus Capital Group Inc. (NYSE: JNS) today announced that William H. Gross, world-renowned fixed income investor, will be joining Janus Capital Group. He will manage a recently launched Janus Global Unconstrained Bond Fund and related strategies, and will join Myron Scholes, Ph.D., and other members of the Janus team focused on global asset allocation. Mr. Gross’ employment will be effective September 29, 2014 and he will begin managing the Janus Global Unconstrained Bond Fund and related strategies effective October 6, 2014. Mr. Gross will be based in a new Janus office to be established in Newport Beach, California and will be responsible for building-out the firm’s efforts in global macro fixed income strategies. His concentration on such strategies will be separate and complementary to Janus’ existing and highly successful credit-based fixed income platform, built under the leadership of Janus’ Fixed Income Chief Investment Officer, Gibson Smith. “Bill Gross has an exemplary track record with decades of success and he will offer an exceptional approach to navigating today’s increasingly risky markets with a focus on macro, unconstrained strategies. His involvement provides Janus a unique opportunity to offer strategies and products that are highly complementary to those already managed by our credit-based fixed income team,” said Richard M. Weil, Chief Executive Officer of Janus Capital Group. “With Bill leading our global macro efforts and Gibson our credit-based fixed income team, I am confident Janus will be able to meet the needs of virtually any client.” “I look forward to returning my full focus to the fixed income markets and investing, giving up many of the complexities that go with managing a large, complicated organization,” said Mr. Gross. “I chose Janus as my next home because of my long standing relationship with and respect for CEO Dick Weil and my desire to get back to spending the bulk of my day managing client assets. I look forward to a mutually supportive partnership with Fixed Income CIO Gibson Smith and his team; they have delivered excellent results across their strategies, which deserve more attention.”


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вот и реакция на трежерис проявилась. это вам не лобио кушать, это целый Гросс уходит, а без него никто не знает, что будет с фондами PIMCO поскольку ключевые клиенты фондов были там только из-за Гросса.

US TSY FLOWS: Treasuries finally stabilize at lows after big early selloff on
fear of mutual fund redemptions as bond guru Bill Gross shifts to Janus from
PIMCO. «Traders are front running potential redemption by investors who love
Gross» by selling Tsys now, said a trader. A different trader agreed selloff «is
because that people are concerned about the bond funds» having redemptions.
«There will be a decent amount of money that will move from Janus to PIMCO, so
people may be liquidating as they don't know what's going to happen,» he added.
«How many billion-dollars-figure in redemptions do you throw out there: $10B?
$20B? or $50B? that will move over to Janus. These high-level guys don't leave
places and hope to bring assets: they know how much would move would say that to
the hiring firm, $50B will come over within six months.» Gross will relish the
challenge of «running a fairly new bond fund against PIMCO,» he added. He
allowed that «it's a temporary factor» but it's a matter of «who can take the
pain» of such potential large selling in various bond clases. 
Cравнение «мощности» PIMCO и новой компании куда перешел Билл Гросс. 

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